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Fãs que Tatuaram Michael para sempre(TATOOS)

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1 Fãs que Tatuaram Michael para sempre(TATOOS) em Dom Jul 17, 2011 6:21 pm

Estava Navegando por uns Blog e cai nessa pagina Americana! Vale a Pena conferir as diversas Tattos.

MJ Dance Shoes and Name
Image sent by: Heather Steele (Orlando, FL)
Message from Heather: "These are my two Michael Jackson tats and I'm getting my third shortly I can't wait. I will send you a pic when it heals... I love MJ forever."

Michael Jackson Tattoo
Image sent by: Magaly Echenagucia
MJ looks great, but can't tell if he is showing the peace sign or not.

MJ Tattoos
Image sent by: Leanne Bell
Message from Leanne: "I am a professional dancer and mode and MJ is my inspiration."
Two images above by Leanne. Looks like lots of ink:)

Michael Jackson Portrait
Image sent by: Katie W.
It looks like the scanned image is a bit damaged but the tattoo looks great.

Vintage Michael Jackson Tattoo
Image sent by: Federica V. (Italy)
Great choice on the image.

Michael Jackson Tattoo
Image sent by: Linda B. (Norway)
Looks pretty sexy on you, Linda. The tattoo artist did a very nice job on this one.

Michael Jackson King of Pop
Image sent by: Jodie Sings (UK)
This is the 4th tattoo image by Jodie. Someone LOVEEEESSSS MJ Smile Love your room too. Lots of MJ posters.

Michael Jackson silhouet Tattoo
Image sent by: Jodie Sings (UK)

Dirty Diana Tattoo
Image sent by: Jodie Sings (UK)

Man in the Mirror Lyrics Tattoo
Image sent by: Emily Pr

Billie Jeans Lyrics Tattoo (This is a bit different the normal MJ tattoos... nice)
Image sent by: Sidra Lackey (New York City)
Message from Sidra: "My tattoo is the beginning lyrics to Billie Jean, with the actual Billie Jean music notes to those lyrics. BJ has always been one of my fav MJ songs."

Michael Jackson Tattoo: Line Drawing and Signature
Image sent by: Dennica Abdo (London/Los Angeles)
Message from Dennica: "I had wanted something personal to him, yet symbolic so I have his self portrait he drew and his signature."

Michael Jackson Thriller (that must've hurt)
Image sent by: Steven Rose (Cincinnati, OH)

Michael Jackson Eyes
Image sent by: Sandy Flynn
Message from Sandy: "This is another Michael Jackson Tattoo that I got on on left chest, right above my heart. That way MJ will always be close to my heart. LOL!"

Michael Jackson Tattoo: Hat, Shoes and Glove (Looks similar to the one below)
Image sent by: Emily Strachota (Colorado)
Artist: Jules from Smokey Banana, Colorado

Michael Jackson Tattoo: Hat, Shoes and Glove (nicely done)
Image sent by: Patrice Trowbridge

Michael Jackson Tattoo: MJ Signature
Image sent by: Trina High
Message from Trina: "It's a replica of his actual signature on the back of my neck/upper back, and it's done in his favorite colors, red and gold."

Michael Jackson Rose and Music Tattoo
Image sent by: Maria Salaz from San Diego, CA
I like this tattoo a lot... very beautiful art.

Michael Jackson Logo Tattoo
Image sent by: Terry Hewitt
Message from Terry: "I had the tattoo done for Michael birthday last year. My Love Forever."

Cool Michael Jackson Tattoo on lower back of Sandy. "Not as low as a Tramp Stamp, A little Higher" said Sandy Smile
Image sent by: Sandy

Michael Jackson's eyes and the MJ logo.
Image sent by: Jodie from UK

Pretty accurate drawing of MJ... Nice Job.
Image sent by: jerzygurl75
Tattoo Artist: Frank Diamond (A.C. Ink - Atlantic City, NJ)

Michael Jackson logo and text.
Image sent by: Laura Jacquest

All images below are collected from the web. If any of the tattoos belong to you, please let know. I can it in the above section.

Tattoo of Michael Jackson. NICE DRAWING. Looks painful, but this one is one of the best. Good image choice.

Michael Jackson Thriller Tattoo. This looks like pain! lots of ink...

The famous MJ logo, but what's with the signature?

This is not bad. RIP MJ.

Old skool MJ...

This is nice... In Memory of MJ.

Not Bad...

So how do you show off this tattoo? Is that really the best place to put MJ in? What's going to happen with old age? lol okay no more comments.

This look like it will be nice once it's done...

Bloody Hell!!!

OOooooOooo!!! now that's cool!

Hot Jodie Marsh with MJ tattoo.

Who's Bad!!!

Nice choice of MJ art.

Cool art.

Okay, that's all I have for now. I'm sure there are tons of other fans with Michael Jackson's tattoos on their body. If you come across some cool images, send me the a link through the form below and I'll update this page Smile

Comment by beth
2009/07/28 08:51:08 PM

Comment by I r l i n
2009/08/07 07:33:00 AM
ooh that's my tattoo! Very Happy number 7 from the top )

Comment by Ryan Jagger
2009/08/14 02:30:11 PM
Apart from one offensive tattoo (which I don't believe it real), these are amazing tributes to the King of Pop. Tattoos are permanent, and so is Michael Jackson's legacy on the world. Timeless inks of a timeless artist.
Check out my Michael Jackson tattoo... can I be included in this list, please?

(Tattoo by Jamie Ruth of Good Times Tattoo, London)
Ryan Jagger


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Puca Mari que demais...
algumas tatoos estao lindissimaaaaaaaaaaaaas

amei realmente mas uma q chamou a atenção foi akela da bad no bubum hahaha
imagino MJ vendo isto ia morrer de vergonha rsrsrsr

Alias ano passado eu fiz uma tatoo do MJ na perna ficou linda tbm...e ja estou querendo fazer outra no braço...mas ainda estou pensando se faço e onde hehee

confiram minha tatoo espero que gostem...
levo MJ comigo onde estou para sempre...


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Nossa fiquei hipnotizada aqui uma mais linda que a outra.. amei

Obrigada por compartilhar

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Daya sua tatoo é MARAVILHOSA!!! Eu já tinha visto antes, se não me engano no Fórum Neverland!!!! Nossa é linda mesmo!!! Parabéns!!!!

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Valeu Carol...


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